Compost turner from Austria equipped with KML cabins

KML Kabinen GmbH am 2020-01-15 21:30

SAFE CABIN WITH HIGH CONVENIENCE · Safe working environment in large waste and sewage sludge plants

The cab manufacturer KML from Lahr in the Black Forest has developed a comfortable cab for the usually dusty and dirty working environment, in which the large Turning drums of the Austrian manufacturer Komptech are used, which leaves nothing to be desired. Composting waste, biowaste or sewage sludge, mixing of ores or treating contaminated soil - Komptech uses large compost turners with driver's cabs from KML. A powerful tracked chassis ensures maximum mobility on unpaved ground. Composting and mixing leads to a high concentration of dust, dirt and contamination of all kinds. The drivers of these Topturn machines work in protected ventilated and comfortable special cabs from KML.

Perfect panoramic view

For the drivers a lot of comfort and convenient working is provided. Curved and tinted windows with noise insulation allow a perfect and free all-round view. Driving and steering is not disturbed by obstructive glare from the sun or noise pollution. Many windows in the cabin are also equipped with wiping and washing systems.

Taking off for work

The front entrance consists of a door with curved and tinted windows and allows easy access to the driver's cab. On request, the cabin is also equipped with a lift. This simplifies access and minimizes the conversion from the working to the transport position.
Through the front windscreen, which is designed as a door, you can comfortably enter the cab from the ground. Two hydraulic lever arms then swing the cab into the working position.

Protection from outside air

When developing the cab, KML thought above all about the safety of the drivers. A protective ventilation system with an overpressure system ensures that the turning drum can also be used in contaminated areas. This means: The drivers are completely protected from the outside air. The door closes electrically with great tightness due to the installed overpressure system.

Feel good

Air-suspended and heated seats as well as ergonomically arranged controls ensure pleasant comfort in the cabin. KML has accommodated maximum technology in the smallest possible space. To create a pleasant feeling of space, the roof cladding is equipped with artificial leather. An ideal room temperature is also part of feeling good. Here, KML's engineers installed an electronically controlled heating and air conditioning system, which heats or cools the air supplied by the overpressure system in the cabin, so that the air blown out is tempered according to the settings and no cold draughts can occur.

Relaxed work

With plenty of space, a powerful automatic climate control system and an air suspended seat, KML's cab is a true comfort zone where you can work comfortably and safely. The sensitive joystick steering on the right-hand side allows the operator to set direction and speed. On the left-hand side he has all the important machine functions under control. Automatic climate control, radio with MP3 player and load- dependent automatic drive system guarantee relaxed and focused working.

Hightech-Kabinen von KML

KML zählt zu den Technologieführern im Bereich Spezialkabinen. Seit vielen Jahren steht unser Name für innovative Systemlösungen für Hightech-Kabinen in den unterschiedlichsten Anwendungsbereichen.Mit höchsten Qualitätsstandards und einer großen Innovationsbereitschaft entwickeln und fertigen wir Kabinen nach den individuellen Vorgaben unserer Kunden.

KML bietet Komplettlösungen "Made in Germany", denn alle Kabinen werden ausschließlich im Hause KML entwickelt und hergestellt. Für steckfertig gelieferte Kabinensysteme ist KML ein weltweit gefragter Partner.