KML-Eyecab cabin on Bell cutter dredger

KML am 2020-09-03 19:55

Eyecab - the lightweight among the KML cabins - was adapted and produced for the cutting suction dredgers from the Dutch company Bell. The modular KML standard cabin in a modified form and adapted to the needs of the customer combines design, functionality and ergonomics and at the same time sets new standards in terms of resilience and flexibility. The ideal cabin for controlling a dredger.

The multifunctional excavators from Bell dredge, cut and vacuum primarily in layers of sand, gravel and clay, in both salt and fresh water. And that up to a depth of 15 meters. They can be perfectly controlled in the patented KML Eyecab.
"Thanks to our modular design, we can react quickly and flexibly to individual customer requests without additional development costs," says the managing director of KML GmbH, Stefan Lochmann. "This makes our pricing extremely attractive, which of course pleases our clients".

Multifunctional cabin workstation with a perfect all-round view

KML has individually adapted its modular cabin system Eyecab to the requirements of the customer Bell. With Eyecab, the cabin space becomes a modern, multifunctional workplace with a perfect all- round view. The KML Eyecab control cabin is air-conditioned and spacious, and an ergonomically shaped driver's seat ensures comfortable and healthy sitting. The windows with an angle of 180 degrees from left to right ensure maximum operator comfort. The dredger can be controlled with two joysticks, and all work processes are monitored on two screens. A reversing camera on the back of the cab ensures maximum safety.

Individual production, tailor-made according to Bell's requirements

KML develops and produces according to the individual wishes of the customer. The result is state-of- the-art cabins with maximum functionality and optimal ergonomics. The customer Bell is happy about the seamless implementation of all of his wishes: beautiful design, perfect cabin view, well thought-out electrics, air conditioning and the robust maritime paint that was applied in KML's own paint shop. A rotating, high-quality control station with consoles - all pre-assembled - can also be operated via plug & play as required.

Comfort down to the last detail

The Eyecab impresses with many helpful "little things" that make everyday work in a cabin pleasant: There are also hinged windows, a front and roof wiper, wiper system and roller blinds on the front and roof windows. The glass footrest allows a view down into the water. Heating controls, fire extinguishers, emergency hammers, first-aid kits, clothes hooks, a personal compartment and optimal air flow for fog-free windows - everything goes without saying. In addition, the cabin can also be equipped with a selection of the many options, e.g. Air conditioning, ambient lighting, work lights, and much more.

Top customer service from KML guarantees the best support

Of course, KML also stands for competent advice and support when it comes to selecting the optimal technical components. The answering of all technical questions by a customer service that supports with exceptionally fast response times - all of this was very convincing for Bell. The floating dredgers from Bell with the Eyecab cabins from KML are powerful and can be used in any kind of water.

pictures: Bell Dredging Pumps B.V.

Hightech-Kabinen von KML

KML zählt zu den Technologieführern im Bereich Spezialkabinen. Seit vielen Jahren steht unser Name für innovative Systemlösungen für Hightech-Kabinen in den unterschiedlichsten Anwendungsbereichen.Mit höchsten Qualitätsstandards und einer großen Innovationsbereitschaft entwickeln und fertigen wir Kabinen nach den individuellen Vorgaben unserer Kunden.

KML bietet Komplettlösungen "Made in Germany", denn alle Kabinen werden ausschließlich im Hause KML entwickelt und hergestellt. Für steckfertig gelieferte Kabinensysteme ist KML ein weltweit gefragter Partner.