Idea + Development = Innovation

Whether container vehicles, machine and power plant control stations or mining operations: cabins from KML are in use all over the world, when the highest demands on material and technology are required.
According to the individual wishes of our customers, we develop state-of-the-art cabins with maximum functionality and optimal ergonomics. KML cabins are always manufactured to the latest state of the art, both as individual and series production.

Cabins for cargo and bulk handling

Whether ship cranes, mobile harbour cranes, scrap or wood handling: KML offers the optimum cabin for every application. A robust construction, combined with the latest control and air conditioning technology, form the basis for working "just in time". Even for the off-shore area KML realises individual solutions, for example special explosion-proof components such as wiping, heating or air conditioning systems.

Cabins for the offshore sector

crane operators on all continents know: Cabins from KML guarantee an optimum overview and ensure the highest level of operating safety. Ergonomically optimised workstations ensure smooth control and thus enable a high degree of economy.

Our high-quality workmanship and special maritime paint finishes provide the answer to the demanding working conditions in ports.

Cabins for the Mining

Our special cabins are also used for the most extreme requirements.

High load forces and constant vibrations effect the cabin and it must have a corresponding cabin structure to withstand these conditions. The mining machines are in operation around the clock, so the reliability and lifetime of the cabin has to meet high demands, which we know how to meet.

Cabins for vehicles

KML develops and produces vehicle cabins for the most diverse applications:

  • Airport vehicles
  • Municipal vehicles
  • Forest vehicles
  • Industrial trucks
  • Fire-fighting vehicles

For our customers we organize and accompany completely all necessary tests such as Fops, Rops and Mock up.

Control stations & Container

KML control stations are used in steelworks, casting plants and even in nuclear power stations. Our customers trust in our many years of experience and our solid manufacturing, even in high security areas.
We develop and produce individual systems for control stands with radiation protection, heat-resistant special glazing and wall thicknesses up to 80 mm.

Eyecab - Flexibility, Innovation & Design

Eyecab - our light-weight cabin combines design, functionality and ergonomics in one system and at the same time sets new standards in terms of load capacity and flexibility. The patented cabin is made of composite materials with GRP or alternative materials and therefore leaves no chance for corrosion.
The modular cabin system is individually adapted to the requirements of our customers. Eyecab allows both a hanging application with main viewing direction downwards and a standing application with main viewing direction upwards. For the application on vehicles, KML offers a smooth-running and low-maintenance swing door.
With Eyecab, the cabin space becomes a modern, multifunctional workplace.

High-tech cabins from KML

KML is one of the technology leaders in the field of special cabins. For many years, our name has been synonymous with innovative system solutions for high-tech cabins in a wide range of applications. With the highest quality standards and a great willingness to innovate, we develop and manufacture cabins according to the individual specifications of our customers.
KML offers complete solutions "Made in Germany", because all cabins are developed and manufactured exclusively in the house of KML. KML is a partner in demand worldwide for ready-to-plug-in cabin systems.